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CEO Shahid Sayeed Khan at Habib University

CEO of IET, delivered a well-attended talk ‘Development with Dignity: The Trickle-Up Effect’ at Habib University. He shared his experiences in the area of sustainable development and his approach in uplifting neglected communities in Pakistan. During his talk, he discussed the various projects undertaken by IET, explaining how it enables development by focusing on the underlying issues of socio-economic disadvantage. He took the audience through the different projects undertaken by IET, and urged Habib University’s students and faculty to join in,

IET Fundraiser- CMK rides for IET.

If anyone asks you to get up at 6am or something on a Sunday morning and cycle at 7.30 am, what would you do? I would think twice. However on 27th March 2016 7.30am a group of committed bikers of Critical Mass Karachi rode to show their support for Indus Earth Trust and help us raise funds. 40 odd Bikers, young and old, women men and children, set of from Seaview, Karachi, to help raise funds for IET to enable it to

Female Doctors – Master Trainers Required

MOTHER & CHILD AND MATERNAL HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT (CRPS) Mother & Child health care is big challenge in rural areas, especially maternal health in coastal areas of Sindh. The need for effective strategies for delivery of healthcare to rural women is paramount and requires a study of maternal perceptions and experiences of the healthcare system. Indus Earth Trust is announcing the TOT on Mother & Child Health care, Nutrition & First Aid for Community Resource Persons (CRPs). Indus Earth Trust invites the

Master trainers required (Livestock Management)

TOT ON LIVESTOCK (COMMUNITY RESOURCES PERSONS – CRPS) Indus Earth Trust invites the application from professionals, individuals & qualified master trainers in the field of Livestock management. Livestock is the main source of high protein foods as well as a great mean of income generation for most rural population in Pakistan. Indus Earth Trust is announcing the TOT on Livestock for Community Resource Persons (CRPs). Trainer Qualification – Minimum Bachelors in DVM – Veterinary Medicines & Animal Husbandry Experience – Minimum Three years as Master

Ensuring 30 families have enough to eat this Ramzan

For the underprivileged living in Shah Rasool Colony-Karachi Ramzan is not necessarily a blessing. It is a time when prices sky rocket, with vegetables and daily use items being sold at the atrocious rates, (tomatoes 80/kg, daal chana 170 per kg as of 15th June and so). Shah Rasool colony is a new area for IET, where it has recently planned interventions in the areas of Health and Sanitation (under program area Water and CPI). As is the way of IET,

Carrying the good work forward- Khursheeda Iqbal

Institutional Development – ID program is one on the major building blocks of IET’s approach towards development. All development interventions are preceded by mobilization and organization of communities. The case of Khursheeda Iqbal serves to highlight the positive ownership and self help that such a process inculcates in beneficiaries. Fondly known as NGO aunty in the mohalla(neighbourhood), Khursheeda takes ownership of development for self and the community. Khursheeda has achieved many goals but perhaps the most commendable is Khursheeda’s replication

Top down approach towards Development: does it help?

Sumar Goth is one of the many villages dotting the coastline of Karachi, near Hawkesbay and is one of the villages where IET has interventions. A view of the village Sumar Goth On a recent visit to the village IET’s team came across a new water tank installed by one of the ngo’s working in the area. We were really happy to see this new development in a village which thirst’s for water despite being so close to the city of Karachi.