Adopt A Village – Peeru Patel – Sajawal, Sindh

Water, Housing and Light are a must for the uplift of a community

IET has successfully completed a project funded by El Hassan Trust and started after the floods 2010. The ‘Adopt a Village Project’ was carried out in Peero Patel in Sujawal Union Council. The Village consisted of 84 households out of which around 40 were living in tents, and some were partially destroyed. 90 % of the people are fishermen. IET provided 20 houses made from Bamboo and mud plaster, Hand Water Pumps, Solar Lights and Solar lanterns in the village. IET built and supervised and trained the local people in the construction techniques of the first 20 houses. IET then supplied materials for the next 20 houses to be built by the trained masons belonging to the village. The recipients of the houses were identified by the Community Organizations (CO) set up by IET as a prerequisite to any of its projects. IET now wishes to replicate this successful model in other villages. IET believes the poverty elimination and development are integrated. It is only through a coherent provision and upgrading of basic facilities and provision of livelihoods that poverty will be eliminated and real development witnessed.

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