Habib University Students visiting MHID Centre, Gharo, Sind

IET has always had a close relationship with the world of education. Many of our team members are affiliated with academia. IET firmly believes the way forward for development in Pakistan is thorough introducing youth to the concept of sustainable and integrated development. In this respect IET regularly participates and encourages participation by educational institutes and as well as individuals in activities and events that allow a IET to reach out to youth and create awareness about problems and alternative solutions.

On 4th June 2016, faculty and students from Habib University visited IET’s MHID Centre at Gharo. They also visited 2 projects by IET at Hamzo Samo – mini grid and Hashim Mir Bahar – cluster solar lighting project. By facilitating such endeavours IET hopes to convince students and faculty to create learning situations in the field so as to bridge the gap between academia and field realities. In this visit students not only saw a what IET is doing to increase the living standards of the rural population but also experienced how majority of the population live.

So far 4 students have committed to take on one social enterprise project and one solar energy project. These will be incorporated into their masters degree.