Solar Home & Street Lighting Project

Villagers of Mir Bahar Hashim with the inauguration plaque of the project

In 2015 Indus Earth Trust implemented this centralized Solar Home & Street Lighting Project. It is located in Union Council Dhabeji, Tehsil Mir Pur Sakro, Thatta district and services 22 households with a population of 92 people. This project was established with the support by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) under World Bank-III funding, and was carried out under Sindh Coastal Areas Development Program – SCAD. The project consists of installation of centralized solar home, street light, and cell phone charging system with energy saver. A centralized SHS has been installed for providing a 11 Watt energy saver light to houses, 14 Watt street light to communal places with a 3 Watt cell phone charging facility to each household.

The main objectives of the Project were to provide lighting facility to the community in the household, kitchen & streets. This project successfully provides night time lighting and mobile phone charging. It is designed around 4 clusters with each cluster containing a battery and solar station. Buried cables connect 220V AC to each household. The Dam Dastagir VO (village organisation) issues bills to the households in proportion to the size of their connected load and collects payment.

Along with the provision of energy, IET has targeted the needs of the households in the communities by providing training and support to improve their situation.

Two examples of Solar Home & Street Lighting Project are the projects established in the village Shafi Muhammad and village Hashim Mir Bahar, UC Gharo, Tehsil Mir Pur Sakro, District Thatta.

The Just Light Is Not Enough minigrid project builds on this concept to introduce a substantially larger central solar station capable of delivering sufficient power for business usage as well as community and household lighting.

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