Livelihoods & Training Program

Livelihoods Program targets multiple groups including women, widows and the disabled persons, to enhance their incomes by giving them livelihood options and teaching them skills appropriate to their circumstances and social background for a better life and future.

Household income in many parts of Pakistan is generally dependent upon the male members of the household and women stay at home and take care of children and elders. Dependence upon a single source of income leaves families vulnerable to unforeseen problems and changes in circumstances. In the coastal belt, where fishing is the most popular livelihood option, falling fish stocks have left many homes in dire financial straits with career changes not always being an option due to a lack of varied technical skills.

The program offers micro-loans and grants to villagers who display entrepreneurial skills and have viable business propositions as well as training for new skills and skill enhancement. By diversifying their skill sets, communities and families are better prepared for future events and have a larger income coming into their homes. From a long-term standpoint, such trainings are necessary for sustaining the future prosperity of these communities, since many of the skills will be passed onto future generations.

The program includes establishment and facilitation of

  • Enterprise Development Training
  • Meat & Milk Growth Training (Livestock)
  • Productive Assets Transfer
  • Digital Hub
  • Job Development Centers- Naukri Ya Karobar Center
  • Community Loan Centres
  • Production Centre
  • Common Interest Groups
  • Social Enterprises
  • Youth Centres

IET is a partner of PPAF and has successfully benefited 1370 beneficiaries as part of the LEED. To date 10000 people have been impacted through this program.

LEEDP Program beneficiary with his productive asset