UNDP Coca – Cola Water on Tap Project

IET in collaboration with UNDP – Coca Cola, successfully completed the Water on Tap Project. The project aimed to provide potable water via taps to communities, especially those affected by the 2010 floods. The project was completed under the program area of Water and CPI. Since rural communities rely on natural water sources, women often have to spend considerable time and cover long distances to fetch water. Studies indicate that women suffer spinal ailments early in life owing to carrying water pitchers for long distance balanced on their heads.

Indus Earth Trust provided a central island water supply point with 2-4 taps that served 6-8 houses. Each village had, on an average, 30-40 households and 5-6 water supply points were provided for their use. To provide water on tap, the supply was delivered via gravity feed by an overhead tank for each outlet. This project covered 30 villages and benefited approximately 8000-9000 persons.

The sustainability of the program was ensured by establishing a water saving scheme where each household paid for the use of water. Here Community Organizations (CO) were established for management of the process. The role of the local CO of 20 plus members was to ascertain the amount each household has to pay. An account book was to be kept by the Treasurer and the organization was responsible for maintenance of the entire system.

As per IET’s methodology social mobilization was carried out in the targeted villages before implementation of the project. Community Organizations were formed through focus group discussions and Terms of Partnership were established with the local community, following which boring and installation of solar pumps and conducting health awareness sessions in the community took place.

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