Consultation Services

Our team of experts have been working in both urban and rural areas of Sindh and Balochistan for over 10 years. Each of our experts has undergone training in various specialized aspects of development. We can partner with other organizations to provide our expertise in various fields including Disaster Risk Reduction.


  • Socioeconomic surveys
  • Demographic surveys
  • Poverty Scorecard surveys
  • Need based Assessment surveys
  • Water Testing survey (drinkable)
  • Water table level survey
  • Land Leveling Survey
  • Market survey

Trainings for capacity building

  • Social Mobilization
  • Project management
  • Enterprise Development
  • Record keeping
  • Rights based trainings

Sustainable Architecture

IET has the expertise in construction of sustainable building which are green and tailor made for your needs. Our Adobe blocks are more long lasting than cement blocks.

Prototype Development and Testing

IET has made many original products which are in the pilot stage as well and manufacturing stages like Solar Laltain, Rural Community Ambulance, Kiosks.

Natural Resource Management

  • Water Accessibility-
  • Better agricultural practices-Efficient agricultural practices to improve soil conditions with the use of minimum water
  • Climate Adaptive buildings
  • Marine aqua culture-Crab Farming

Alternative Energy systems

Conducting energy audits and setting up solar, wind and hybrid systems

Trainings for Income Generation

Our professionals can train individuals in various areas of income generation-

  • Training masons in indigenous building techniques
  • Making bicycle transport
  • Making kiosks
  • Making caster oil, coconut milk