Interventions in Urban Katchi Abadis : Shah Rasool Colony

Indus Earth Trust has recently started working katchi abadis of Karachi and true to its approach to development is currently facilitating the empowerment of katchi abadi residents through social mobilization. As part of a project focusing on health and education, in partnership with PDX, IET is implementing Institutional Development in Shah Rasool Colony. The objective of the project is to raise the living standards of the community. IET believes in creating ownership of development projects through assisting in the development of community organizations. The community organizations will be facilitated to manage local issues such as the amelioration of water supply and the sewage pipes as well as connection to electricity. IET plans to expand its intervention in Shah Rasool colony to include Livelihood.

IET will be following the subsequent stages:

  • Conducting Focus Group Discussions in the community prior to the formation of the CO’s
  • Facilitating the development of the CO- Community Organization
  • Undertaking a demographic survey to create a situational analysis of Shah Rasool Colony.
  • Documenting the present state of facilities and infrastructure available to each household in relation to health and education.
  • Surveying households through the poverty scorecard survey
  • Legal Registration of the community organization and the signing of the Terms of Partnership between IET and the community
  • Imparting training’s in community management skills and basic human rights
  • Creating community list of disabled persons, youth (14-19) and voters lists
  • Assistance in the registration and updating of National Identity Cards of the community members
  • Creation of Member Development Plan for each household which identifies the needs and aspirations of the families