Water for Women

Indus Earth Trust is launching a water replenishment project in Kohistan, Thatta district for which Coca-Cola has provided assistance amounting to Rs. 19 million.

Focusing on water resource management systems the project aims to provide remote communities in Kohistan, Thatta with access to water through replenishment of ground water and rainwater harvesting.

The project will benefit about 600 households in some 40 villages, and targets SDG 3 (Better health and Wellbeing) and SDG 6 (Clean water and Sanitation).

The project will focus on water harvesting through lined water reservoirs and rehabilitation of some existing Rehabilitation of 20 dug wells is also planned through brick-lining, capping and installation of hand pumps. The water extracted will be collected in covered tanks and then distributed through channels for household use, kitchen gardening, and troughs for the livestock.

Formation of CBOs to facilitate WASH trainings and skills, especially to the village women is an integral part of the project. It envisages to lessen the burden of water carrying by women, by making it more accessible to them.

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Press Release

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