IET needs funds to carry on its work for which it is forming an Endowment Fund. The objective of the Endowment Fund is to ensure and allow the existence and growth of IET by contributing to the management of the Head Office and thus the projects. The fund serves to cater to beneficiaries indirectly.



IET is distributing water wheels sourced from among deserving women of 34 villages of the Kohistan union council as part of the Water for Women project. Each wheel costs PKR2,300 with the additional cost of transport. This tool will eliminate the physical burden of carrying heavy water pitchers which severely impact the health of females from as young as 8 years to over 50 years.



IET’s latest project- the construction of Mehran Mosque at MHITC – Mehran Human and Institutional Training Centre, Gharo is an attempt to provide the trainers, trainees and other visitors a safe and clean space to offer prayers. The mosque demonstrates the Rammed Earth building technique used by IET as part of its Indigenous Housing Program. It is inside the perimeter of IET’s established community training centre and is therefore managed and controlled by the villagers and beneficiaries of IET. The mosque will serve the trainee women and men who come to the MHITC for various trainings, employees and wayfarers.

The construction of the Mehran Mosque was a response to a request by the community members and trainees regularly visiting and undertaking training at the centre. Mosques traditionally play an integral role in the social formations in communities, functioning as places of social interaction and community building. IET hopes Mehran Mosque will also serve this purpose and further IET’s philosophy of community building as integral to development efforts



Our project ‘Empowering 100 Pakistani women to have a better Life’ is featured on Global Giving website. This project is part of the IET’s Livelihood Program (LP) in partnership with PPAF. Through this project IET hopes to continue assisting women beneficiaries by providing them assets to establish a livelihood to improve both their and their children’s lives. Women in ultra poor households struggle to provide for their families in Pakistan. Assistance in kind is provided to women to become entrepreneurs enabling them to fulfill basic needs for a healthier life.

With increased household income families make improvements to their homes and live a healthier life. Women can ensure a better life for their children – secure, healthy and offering equal opportunities for girls and boys. Girls can now go to school and become contributors to the future economy as skilled workers, be financially independent, able contributors to the household incomes. Psychologically, the family is given much hope for the future – a future that includes girls as well as boys.

This project is eligible for Zakat.

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