Earth Quake Resistant Housing

A prototype of the houses being built in Awaran, Balochistan

Earthquake resistant housing- Awaran Dist. Balochistan, Pakistan, 2014

This project funded by UBL Bank aims to rebuild 50 houses decimated by the earthquake in Awaran in 2013. The project was executed under the Indigenous Housing Systems program of IET.

IET has 7 years of experience in Balochistan and is providing the expertise to reconstruct these houses with a resistance to any future earthquakes that may occur. As part of the project IET arranged for 4 masons and a supervisor from Awaran to be trained in specific techniques of Earth Quake Resistant Housing. These trainings were conducted at IET’s Mehran Human and Institutional Development Centre (MHIDC), located in Gharo, Sind. After completing training the masons have returned to Awaran and are in the process of completing this project in the next few months.

Earthquake resistant housing- Bagh, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, 2005

The Earthquake of 2005 devastated many parts of Azad Kashmir. Another project executed under the Indigenous Housing Systems program of IET was carried out in Bagh, Azad Kashmir, which is located at an altitude of over 4000 ft. IET was assisted by one of the world leaders CRATerre in this project. The program was funded by Atlas Logistique.

IET/CRATerre team built three different two-room house types with a verandah, each within the government construction cost of Rs.175, 000. IET/CRATerre also trained 30 masons and carpenters, who built this type of earthquake resistant houses using salvage material from the destroyed houses owing to the earthquake