CEO Shahid Sayeed Khan at Habib University

CEO of IET, delivered a well-attended talk ‘Development with Dignity: The Trickle-Up Effect’ at Habib University. He shared his experiences in the area of sustainable development and his approach in uplifting neglected communities in Pakistan.

During his talk, he discussed the various projects undertaken by IET, explaining how it enables development by focusing on the underlying issues of socio-economic disadvantage. He took the audience through the different projects undertaken by IET, and urged Habib University’s students and faculty to join in, contributing research and knowledge to help IET deliver even more efficient and sustainable solutions to the people benefitting from its programs.

“You have the facilities and the people here, within Habib University, to help make a difference. Maybe some of you would like to join us and make our planned projects a reality,” he said.

The talk ended with a question-and-answer session, during which students and faculty members raised their concerns regarding development and poverty alleviation in general and climate change. Mr. Khan provided helpfully detailed answers, helping the audience understand that development is a multi-faceted, complex issue that needs to be handled with vision and care for those for whom it is targeted at.