Ensuring 30 families have enough to eat this Ramzan

For the underprivileged living in Shah Rasool Colony-Karachi Ramzan is not necessarily a blessing. It is a time when prices sky rocket, with vegetables and daily use items being sold at the atrocious rates, (tomatoes 80/kg, daal chana 170 per kg as of 15th June and so).

Shah Rasool colony is a new area for IET, where it has recently planned interventions in the areas of Health and Sanitation (under program area Water and CPI). As is the way of IET, all interventions are preceded by ID- Institution Development. IET has mobilised the local community to form CBO (community based organisation) and is currently working on a plan targeting the main problem of lack of Sanitation which also along with poverty is a major culprit of poor health of the inmates of the colony. The CBO is now in the process of Registration so as to become a legal entity to be able to speak up for the woes of the community members and get the civic bodies to address their issues.This process is being ably conducted and supervised by our GM of ID, Mr. Shaique Ali Shah.

A Poverty score card survey conducted by IET revealed 30 widows living under extreme conditions of poverty in this area. The local CBO spoke Saeed our representative of the area and asked if some help could be provided through IET. IET therefore decided to mobilise its friends and well wishers to provide Ramzan Food Package to widows so as to enable them to eat healthy through out Ramzan.

On 14th June IET distributed Ramzan Food Packages to 30 widows.
Each package consisted of:

  1. Floor. 10kg.
  2. Sugar. 4 kg.
  3. Rice. 4 kg.
  4. Daal (masoor). 3 kg.
  5. Daal (moung). 3 kg.
  6. Tea Mixture. 250 gm.
  7. Dates. 1 packet.
  8. Red chili. 1 packet.
  9. Salt. 1 packet.
  10. Rooafza. (Economy size).
  11. Cooking oil. 4 ltrs.
  12. Besan. 2kg.
  13. Garam Masala. 1 packet.