IET Fundraiser- CMK rides for IET.

If anyone asks you to get up at 6am or something on a Sunday morning and cycle at 7.30 am, what would you do?

I would think twice.

However on 27th March 2016 7.30am a group of committed bikers of Critical Mass Karachi rode to show their support for Indus Earth Trust and help us raise funds. 40 odd Bikers, young and old, women men and children, set of from Seaview, Karachi, to help raise funds for IET to enable it to continue its amazing work in the field of sustainable development. Now thats commitment!

Whats more they even had us over to share their Nashta (breakfast) at a Chai Dhaba (tea stall). Needless to say we really enjoyed hanging out with these committed people and sharing their secret diet. We even got a commitment from them to ride all the way to Gharo, Sindh, to check our our facility built up completely by using Indigenous Building materials. This facility currently houses a training space, LSO office, the offices of the youth organisation and micro-finance head office.

A big thank you to all you bikers, Critical Mass Karachi and Arif Bilguami. Your support meant a lot.

Arif Bilgaumi of CMK, Trustee Afia Salam, Tazeen Hussain and CEO Shahid Sayeed Khan