Master trainers required (Livestock Management)


Indus Earth Trust invites the application from professionals, individuals & qualified master trainers in the field of Livestock management.

Livestock is the main source of high protein foods as well as a great mean of income generation for most rural population in Pakistan. Indus Earth Trust is announcing the TOT on Livestock for Community Resource Persons (CRPs).


Qualification – Minimum Bachelors in DVM – Veterinary Medicines & Animal Husbandry

Experience – Minimum Three years as Master Trainer

Training Objectives

  • To enhance conceptual understanding of trainers role in adult learning theory  and participatory training technique
  • Onsite practical training of CRPs to understand Innovative, Viable & Profitable model of Livestock, which links suppliers, Successful Entrepreneurs & Product buyers.
  • To develop trainees skills in designing training along with all pre –training arrangements.
  • To enhance training delivery skills of the participants through practical session delivery.
  • To train the CRPs in the field of Livestock

Learning Style

The basic learning strategy for CRPs is ‘learning by Doing’. This is accomplished through lectures, tutorial, practical work and group discussion. Highly effective approaches have to use in CRPs training. Training programme keeping in mind the need participants. This programme is an excellent combination of interactive tutorial, demonstration, extensive field work led by specialized professionals and expert in livestock, exposure visits to model farms, agriculture Farms, brainstorming session and evaluation.

Training Contents

Day 1

  1. What is training
  2. Types of training events
  3. Different B/w teaching & training
  4. What is learning
  5. Main activities of training
  6. Communication skills
  7. Facilitation skills
  8. Presentation skills

Day 2

  1. Basic needs of livestock health and hygiene.
  2. Breeds of dairy and meet purpose animals
  3. Selection of dairy and meet animal for better production.
  4. Nutrition and its importance
  5. Classification of feed ingredients
  6. Feeding of dairy animals
  7. Feeding of meet animals
  8. Urea molasses block
  9. Urea treatment of wheat straw
  10. Vaccination & De-worming

Day 3

  1. Filed Visit of Animal Markets – Mandi (Sale & Purchase Process)

2nd Half

  1. Livestock as Enterprise
  2. Livestock Marketing
  3. Livestock CIGs

Day 4

  1. Fodder conservation (silage making)
  1. Practical of Milk Increase exercise

Day 5

  1. Field visit to a modern Fodder Farms
  1. Artificial insemination

Day 6

  1. Livestock Range Management
  2. Calf Rearing
  3. Marketing Livestock Product & Business Management
  4. Common diseases of live stock
  5. (H.S, FMD,ET,PPR,POX, Parasitic disease,
  6. Training delivery by groups
  7. Evaluation of training closing. Certificate ceremony.

Last Date Apply – 7th August, 2015

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